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Awards and Accolades

Kaplan Singapore is committed to achieving the highest quality standard in every aspect of our operations.

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Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA) (Cert No.: EDU-2-2023 Validity: 20/07/2015 – 19/07/2019), Kaplan Higher Education Institute (KHEI) (Cert No.:EDU-2-2075 Validity: 04/03/2016 – 03/03/2020) and Kaplan Learning Institute (KLI) (Cert No.: EDU-2-2022 Validity: 19/07/2015 – 18/07/2019) have been awarded with the EduTrust certification. This is an acknowledgement of KHEA and KLI quality excellence in its programmes and services as well as business operations. KHEA and KLI will continue to enhance their service and quality standards to meet the growing demands of our students and stakeholders.

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Awards & Accolades

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