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Kaplan Higher Education Institute

Accounting, Banking and Finance

This discipline teaches you advanced problem-solving, analytical and numeracy / quantitative skills, preparing you for a career in a wide range of financial services.

Business and Management

This discipline focuses on core business principles and strategies, and is designed to prepare you for a wide range of careers in business and management. You will develop insights into areas such as management techniques, marketing, accounting, finance, and human resource management. On completion of the course you will have acquired the skills needed to become effective professionals or managers.

Communication and Media

This diverse and flexible discipline will help you to prepare for a career in creative industries such as publishing, film and TV production, PR, advertising and digital.


Foundation Diploma

Health Services Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

You will learn the skills and knowledge to build a career in the hospitality, travel and tourism sectors. You will develop business management and communication skills, and understanding of customer service needs and international markets / practices.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Courses in Humanities and Social Science range from Childhood Studies to Psychology, Counselling and Education. This discipline is ideal for students who want to develop their capacity to think strategically, develop strong reporting abilities, and research and understanding complex ideas. Career options for humanities graduates include research work, teaching or legal careers.

Information Technology

This discipline focuses on managing, implementing and designing information technology systems. You will develop core skills such as programming and database management, equipping you for a technical career in a wide range of sectors and roles.


This discipline will teach you how to evaluate, reason and argue to an advanced level. You will develop highly transferable skills that can be applied to many industries.

Nursing and Allied Health

This discipline provides students with a core set of skills and specialist nursing expertise. You will be provided with highly demanding academic and practical modules in areas that include pathophysiology and pharmacology. Nursing graduates are qualified to work in hospitals, community health centres, GP practices and mental health units.