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Kaplan Professional

Digital Marketing – Advanced

Kaplan Professional

Digital Marketing – Advanced

As businesses compete for digital presence and digital social influence, the role and skills required of a digital marketer are expanding and more important than ever.

To prepare for this transition, this course will not only equip students with the knowledge of Google Display Advertising technologies but also ensure they stay relevantly ahead with latest concepts on inbound marketing methodology, Facebook marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation and YouTube video advertising.

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Master the terminology and tools available for Businesses Advertising within the Facebook social media platforms
  • Understand best practices in Creative Messaging and Lead Generation from social media platforms
  • Plan media buys on Facebook and Instagram social media platforms
  • Understand the differences between Inbound and Outbound Marketing
  • Plan and execute display advertising strategy including placements & ads
  • Craft Inbound Marketing Strategy and execute SEO and Content Marketing initiatives
  • Prepare for future marketing channels such as Marketing Execution and Videos
  • Prepare for examinations related to Google AdWords Display/Video Certifications and HubSpot Inbound Certification

Students will undertake the following certification exams during the course:

  • Google Display Advertising Exam (120 minutes)
  • Google Video Advertising Exam (90 minutes)
  • HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification Exam (75 minutes)

After passing these examinations, students will receive the following certifications from Google:

  • Google AdWords Display Certification (Valid for 12 months)*
  • Google AdWords Video Certification (Valid for 12 months)*
  • HubSpot Academy Inbound Certified (Valid for 12 months)

*Students are required to pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam first to attain this certification. And to maintain the AdWords certification, you’ll need to pass at least (1) the AdWords Fundamentals exam and (2) Search Advertising exam (a total of at least 2 passing exam scores at any given time). For example, if you pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam in March and the Search Advertising exam in May, you’ll need to retake and pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam by March of the following year and the Search Advertising exam by that May in order to maintain your AdWords Search certification.

4 days (Consecutive weekend lessons), 32 hours.

Students must have completed Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam or have equivalent knowledge and experience in Google AdWords.

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