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Kaplan Professional

Digital Marketing – Fundamental

Kaplan Professional

Digital Marketing – Fundamental

This course is designed for new entrants to the world of digital marketing. Students will be immersed in face-to-face practical training, hands-on exercises, case studies and interactive games to guide them on fundamental to advanced knowledge on Google AdWords and Analytics technologies and prepare them for the examinations.

After attaining the certification, it can open doors to a career in digital marketing and help one stand out from the crowd at entry-level positions. For professionals, it means they have what it takes to understand how to analyse their website performance and execute search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns in Search Advertising.

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and facilitate discussions on digital marketing strategy and budgets
  • Plan digital marketing channels and messaging strategies
  • Master the fundamentals of the powerful Google Analytics platform
  • Plan and execute search marketing strategy including keywords & bids
  • Measure the performance of digital marketing with Google Analytics
  • Prepare for examinations related to Google AdWords Search certification and Analytics certification

Students will undertake the following certification exams during the course:

  • Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam (120 minutes)
  • Google Search Advertising Exam (120 minutes)
  • Google Analytics Certification Exam (90 minutes)

After passing these examinations, students will receive the following certifications from Google:

    • Google AdWords Search Certification (Valid for 12 months)*
    • Google Analytics Certification (Valid for 18 months)

*Students are required to pass the AdWords Fundamentals Exam first to attain this certification. And to maintain the AdWords certification, you’ll need to pass at least (1) the AdWords Fundamentals exam and (2) Search Advertising exam (a total of at least 2 passing exam scores at any given time). For example, if you pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam in March and the Search Advertising exam in May, you’ll need to retake and pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam by March of the following year and the Search Advertising exam by that May in order to maintain your AdWords Search certification.

4 days (Consecutive weekend lessons), 32 hours.

Students must be able to use the keyboard and mouse in a Microsoft Windows environment.

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