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Please contact the respective Country Managers to find out more about studying in Singapore as well as programme details.

Contact Information and Overseas Representatives List

International students from the following countries Country Managers  Email Contact number
In-Charge of Zhe Jiang, An Hui, Hu Nan, Hu Bei and Jiang Xi Karen Xu (8621) 3250 7112
In-Charge of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Fujian Kendra Hu (8621) 3250 7055
In-Charge of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, HK and Macao Nicole Nie (86)18676635944
In-charge of Sichuan province,Yunnan province,Guizhou province, Xinjiang province and Chongqing city Wu Qian
(Xixi Wu) (8610)64608373-275
In-Charge of Heilongjiang province, Jilin province, Liaoning province, Shanxi province, Qinghai province and Beijing city Chen Jian
(Tommy Chen) (8610)6460 8373-109
In-charge of Shandong province,Shanxi province,Henan province,Hebei province,Beijing city and Tianjin city. Xie Dan
(Riza Xie) (8610) 6595 9218-274
China Direct
(Living within Singapore)
Crystal Mao 6496 5689
Transfer students from other schools within Singapore (Local Transfer) Rodney Vu 6309 5816
Yau Yau 6411 4599
Yvonne Jiang 6309 5829
Direct Indonesia Putri Lukito 6309 5836
Livia Garnadi
(Based in Indonesia)  (62) 8119991511
Direct India & Sub-Continent Jay Shah 6309 5832
Direct Malaysia Joshua Teo  6309 5817
Ivanna Ting
(Based in Malaysia) (60) 107876557
Direct Thailand Joshua Teo  6309 5817
Direct Vietnam Le Nguyen Vy Lan 6309 5810
Nguyen Nhut Hung, Hugo
(Based in Vietnam) (84) 911481108
Direct Myanmar Jacob Tan 6411 4556
Direct Korea June Luo 6496 5681
Hannah Oh
(Based in Korea) (82) 1091021661
Direct Philippines June Luo 6496 5681
Direct all Other Countries Kay Joo 6309 5815
Non-Chinese Upgrader Janice Seah (CFS/Diploma) 6309 5835
Leona Goh (Degree/Master) 6309 5813
Chinese Upgrader Yvonne Jiang (CFS/Diploma) 6309 5829
Ou Yang Jian Feng (Degree/Master) 6411 4560

Overseas Representatives

Kaplan Singapore is represented in various parts of the world through appointed representatives. Prospective students from these countries will be able to obtain further information on visa and programme application procedures and other details through the respective representative offices: