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Support Services

Kaplan Singapore

Comprehensive List of Student Support Services

Student support services provided by Kaplan Singapore for all its students include the following:

A.   Medical Insurance

EduTrust regulations require all students to be covered under a medical insurance coverage for the students’ hospitalization, surgery and treatment costs throughout their course of studies.

Kaplan Singapore shall provide group medical insurance services for all of its students, unless they are eligible to opt out. International students holding passes other than the Student’s Pass, and students who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents, who are already covered by their own medical insurance plans, may choose to opt out of the medical insurance scheme.

In order to be able to opt out of the medical insurance coverage, students have to provide Kaplan Singapore a copy of their medical insurance policy/certificate which meets the following EduTrust stipulated requirements:

  • annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 medical costs coverage per student;
  • at least B2 ward stay(in government and restructured hospitals); and
  • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities).

Students are covered under group medical Insurance with AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd. Terms & Conditions and details of claims are provided in Kaplan Website and briefed during orientation.

For more details please visit the CPE website: or contact the CPE Student Services at 6592 2108.

B.   Orientation Program

Welcome Orientation

A Welcome orientation is conducted for every intake.  The orientation covers the following areas:

  • Introduction of Kaplan and the University (if applicable)
  • Important information relating to the programme
  • Kaplan’s service commitments
  • University’s commitments, where applicable
  • Student contract and fee protection scheme
  • Important policies and regulations
  • Feedback and grievance process
  • Other important information

Induction Session

An induction session is conducted for every intake, where applicable. The induction is conducted by a faculty member.  The induction covers academic issues which include general study skills, avoiding plagiarism, tackling assignments and handling exams.

C.   Libraries

(supported by K-P 222-00: Library Management Operations Manual)

The Kaplan libraries in Singapore cater specially for students’ needs. Students can find some nominated reference books for their course of study in the Kaplan libraries.

Students are encouraged to use the libraries as frequently as possible.

  • Photocopying facility is conveniently available at the libraries for all students on a self-service basis. It is especially useful for those students who do regular research at the library and require copies of reference materials to be made. This facility uses the Ezylink stored value system.
  • Printing facility is available at the library as well. There is a charge of $0.10 per page. Students have to make sure that their materials are aligned, as realignment will not be done.
  • All Kaplan libraries are open daily except Sundays and Public Holidays:

Monday to Friday:                                    9:15am to 9:00pm

Saturday:                                                   9:15am to 3:00pm

It is recommended that all students seek membership in one of the major external libraries in Singapore. Most reference texts, but more importantly extensive journal holdings, are available at the major external libraries where students can do further research and readings.

There will be a fee charged for the external library membership and students will need to pay this fee themselves, directly to the external library, and may want to contact the below to find out more:

  • National Libraries, please visit website at
  • National University of Singapore (Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library), Kent Ridge
  • Nanyang Technological University Library, Nanyang Avenue
  • National Institute of Education Library, 1 Nanyang Walk
  • Singapore Polytechnic Library, 500 Dover Road
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library, 535 Clementi Road

D.   Free Access to Singapore IE Resource Centre

Students of Kaplan Singapore can visit the Singapore International Enterprise (IE) Resource Centre for up-to-date information by tapping on their resource databases.

E.   Study/Discussion Rooms and Students’ Lounge

Kaplan Singapore provides study rooms and/or discussion rooms (SRM/DRM) for both campuses. The classroom number can be found on the plasma TV (at each level) and via Kaplan’s website and the location will be updated on a daily basis. The Students’ Lounge is available at both campuses.

F.    Student Activities

There shall be an activity organised for the students every month.  Activities include social and recreational events, seminars, corporate visits, community service and charity events, etc.  Details of each activity will be released to students via email.  Most of the student activities are free of charge.  Student’s registration is accepted via student activity registration form on a first-come-first-served basis.

Should students have any other enquiry or suggestion on students’ activities, they may contact Student Affairs at [email protected].

G.   Wireless Internet Connection 

All Kaplan Singapore students are allowed to use the wireless internet connection on both campuses.

H.   SMS service for locating study rooms

All Kaplan Singapore students are able to locate the study and discussion rooms using Kaplan SMS service. To locate the study rooms, simply send an SMS message with SRM (case-insensitive) as the message content to 9-7-kaplan (9-752-752-6)

Alternatively, students can log on to the web service at

I.      School Notice Boards

Important announcements are posted onto the School Notice Boards. Students can also use the School Notice Boards to put up material for mass reading. In order to use the School Notice Boards, the students are required to obtain written approval from the Student Affairs Office. Once approved, the students are to bring along with them the approved e-mail together with their reading materials to the SRO at the front desk to receive an official Kaplan stamp as an acknowledgement before putting up any materials for mass circulation.

J.    Parking Facilities

Parking facilities are available at both campuses. The building management reserves the right to impose carpark charges and will adjust the fee at their own discretion.

K.  Academic Support

Appointment of Lecturers

Generally, lecturers of Kaplan Singapore will hold at least a Degree in their area of teaching expertise from a regionally or internationally accredited institution or foreign equivalent; with relevant qualification and at least two (2) years of relevant working and teaching experience in a related field; and have maintained good teaching track records.

Lists of lecturers shall be made available on Kaplan Singapore’s website.

Academic Support via Email

Students are encouraged to communicate with lecturers about academic matters via email. Lecturers will reply within three (3) working days.

Course Materials

The course materials are the most common sources of information for students. All course materials are selected and approved by Kaplan Singapore and/or the University awarding the qualification, to have met the requirements of each programme.

Course materials are generally available for collection at least one (1) week before the commencement of the term or module. Students are required to show proof of payment upon collection of module materials.

L.    Installment Scheme

This scheme allows students to pay the course fees by installments. Student will pay according to the installment schedule and deadline indicated in student contract. Terms and conditions apply.

M.   Scholarship Scheme

This scheme allows students to pay the course fees by installments. Student will pay according to the installment schedule and deadline indicated in student contract. Terms and conditions apply.

Kaplan offer scholarship to deserving students who either have outstanding academic results or wish to pursue further studies but face financial difficulty.

 N.   Internship/ Attachment Scheme

Kaplan provides students the chance to be put on attachment or internship (where applicable). Students will gain valuable work experience for at least two to three months. For graduating students, this is an excellent opportunity to establish networks with these firms. Some of our graduating students were offered permanent job placements because of their outstanding performance during the attachment.

O.   Counselling and Advice

Kaplan Singapore shall provide comprehensive pre-course and pastoral counselling services for all its students.

Course syllabi and module synopses shall be easily accessible for prospective students to make informed choices before application.

Kaplan Singapore shall provide adequate training for all course consultants and student relation officers to ensure that they provide prospective students with good guidance.

Staff providing pastoral counselling shall have professional qualification; otherwise Kaplan Singapore shall provide adequate formal training.

Kaplan Singapore shall regularly evaluate and review the counselling and advice services, for continual improvement to ensure high standards of services, at least once a year, during management review.

Pre-course counselling services shall include:

i.      Assessing prospective students’ educational needs based on their proficiencies;
ii.     Providing appropriate guidance and advice on the suitability of the courses available;
iii.    Providing career guidance relating to the courses available; etc.

Pastoral counselling services shall include:

  1.          i.     Providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands;
  2.          ii.    Developing activities to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement; etc.

Pastoral Counselling

The Student Counsellor in Kaplan is a trained counsellor who provides professional counseling that includes assessment,  intervention and psychoeducation. Besides the provision of the aforementioned, the counsellor is also involved in the administrative and research functions. For more in-depth information on the various processes and requirements, please refer to the Counselling Operating Manual (COM).

Pre-Course Counselling

Enquiries may be received via the following modes: Emails, telephone calls, walk-ins, previews, events, and referrals. All enquiries must be handled with integrity, professionalism, patience and discretion. Course Consultants are required to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.

The pre-course counseling provides the Course Consultant/ Country Manager/ Recruitment Agents/ Student Relations Officer with the opportunity to find out more about the prospects’ interests, aspirations, hopes and objectives. As such, Course Consultants should utilise the opportunity to

conduct a fact finding session and to provide the prospects with the information required for them to make an informed decision.

P.   Graduate Services Office

The Graduate Services Office shall offer Kaplan graduates post-graduate services including alumni relations and career services. Contact email: [email protected]

Alumni Relations

Kaplan Alumni Relations shall offer support in linking up local alumni to their university alumni in terms of outreach and activities such as reunions for local chapters and alumni networking sessions, etc. All Kaplan graduates are eligible to join the Kaplan Alumni Club which entitles them to networking events, career services, alumni benefits and alumni development workshops, etc, Some workshops and events may be chargeable at nominal prices. Contact email: [email protected]

Career Services

Kaplan Career Services shall offer services aimed at enhancing employability and career skills for graduates and soon-to-graduate students. The Graduate Services Office seeks to prepare our graduates for the workplace through internships, career talks, career fairs and workshops such as resume writing and interview skills. Career guidance through one-to-one counseling and group coaching are services available to graduating students by appointment basis. Contact email: [email protected]