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Professional and WSQ Courses in Singapore

Kaplan Professional, a department of Kaplan Learning Institute, has been the winner of JobsCentral’s Preferred Private Education Institution for a Professional Certification/Personal Development Courses/Corporate Workshops for the past 4 years. Kaplan Professional supports organisations and individuals in their quest for excellence by providing learning and development solutions that are designed to help organisations and individuals succeed in today’s competitive world. Conducted by highly qualified trainers in an interactive environment, we ensure your journey for continuous development is an enjoyable one.

The cycle of professional learning and development doesn’t stop – which is why Kaplan Professional doesn’t cease in our quest to cater to the business and developmental needs of our clients.


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Whether you are going into emerging market or developing new product lines, having the right human capital resources and a winning strategy are key to the success of your business. The challenge lies in identifying these gaps which are preventing your people from maximising their fullest potential. Kaplan Consulting Framework for Organisation Excellence is a strategy and solution to influence organisational culture by improving performance and effectiveness. Leveraging on our skills and experience, you will have valuable access to resources and expertise which will help to elevate your human capital investment, providing a catalyst towards achieving business excellence. We develop people strategy not just to sustain your business needs today, but where you want to be in the future!

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