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Kaplan Business Series

Kaplan Business Series (KBS) is designed to equip professionals with essential business skills in a challenging environment and enable organisations to form a pool of skilled and confident business staff. Through these courses, participants will acquire the necessary skillsets to make a positive impact within their organisations and inspire the best performance in themselves and their team.

Data about customer browsing and buying behaviours can be found everywhere. From online shopping cart transactions, customer loyalty programmes to user reviews, there is a large amount of readily available information that can be translated into data-driven business decision-making.
Upon completion of this course, participants would have learnt how to use business information to analyse and predict organisation performance. They will also learn how to develop a logic-driven mindset that will help shape their ability to make strategic and effective decisions.


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The only constant in today’s workplace is change and very often it happens before employees and management are able to prepare themselves for it. This presents new challenges to everyone, from the leaders to the entry-level employees.

Upon completion of this course, participants will learn how to implement changes smoothly at their workplace and have them better accepted by their team members.

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Most organisations today are turning to best practices in project management to consistently deliver good business results and reduce operating risks and costs. With limited resources, tight timelines and little room for error, knowledgeable project managers are often relied upon to help organisations streamline their processes to deliver business value.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to familiarise themselves with key project management processes, key tools and essential planning documents needed for effective project management.

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Performance management is a constant collaborative effort between managers and their employees in setting work objectives, progress assessments and providing coaching support and feedback on employee performance. As a manager, being a readily available and active coach to your employees can enable them to contribute effectively to organisation objectives and feel valued and motivated.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to identify the key components needed to plan, monitor and review an effective performance management process.

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Many successful organisations today are guided by their leaders’ strong visions and strategic thinking processes that reap good business results.

Crafted for individuals who are greatly involved in developing their organisation’s vision and translating it into purposeful strategy and action, this course will take participants through a series of lessons from creative thinking, vision and effective strategic planning to implement practical actions and measurable outcomes.

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Without a well-defined recruitment and screening process, hiring managers and human resource specialists often face the challenge in getting good candidates who could be a potentially strong fit into job roles in their organisation.

Upon completion of this course, participants will learn about the best recruitment strategies, competency assessments for job candidates and formulation of interview questions.

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Team building skills are essential to the effectiveness of managers and leaders in every organisation. Applicable even for individuals at non-managerial positions, these skills will help one to contribute more effectively and help the team accomplish much more.

Through a series of interactive and reflective learning sessions, this course will build up the participants’ interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation abilities and vital knowledge on creating team synergy and embracing team diversity.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be more familiar with what contributes to a successful team and learn the ways to be a top-notch contributor to the team.

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