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Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Facilitate Change

Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Facilitate Change

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  • Facilitate an Environment Conducive to Taking Risks Contribute to development of a learning organisation that supports the development of teams and individuals
  • Develop systems and structures to support enterprising behaviours and risk-taking
  • Provide opportunities for individuals within the business unit/division to explore ideas and opportunities for change and innovation


  • Identify Opportunities for Change and Innovation
  • Analyse performance data and communicate areas of achievement and opportunities for growth or improvement
  • Identify systems and behaviours that may affect the achievement of organisational goals
  • Prioritise opportunities to provide support and resources required for implementation of activities producing greatest impact or benefit


  • Apply Systems Thinking to Facilitate Change and Innovation
  • Determine most appropriate systems thinking methods and tools
  • Identify and acquire resources required to successfully implement programmes for change and innovation
  • Communicate with stakeholders to design processes to support achievement of objectives of change and innovation programmes
  • Define performance standards to lead the management of services and work to be conducted
  • Monitor and review progress of change and innovation activities

Department head, deputy director and senior manager

16 hours/2 days

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