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Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Foster Business Relationship

Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Foster Business Relationship

Useful information


  • Develop and Maintain Business and Professional Networks
  • Identify and prioritise networks which may provide strategic value to the organisation or the individual
  • Assess and review the constraints that may affect participation in networks
  • Pursue collaborative opportunities that will support mutually beneficial outcomes


  • Encourage Workforce Diversity Develop strategies that support diversity and cooperation at all levels of the organisation
  • Manage relationships so that cross-cultural cooperation results in positive outcomes for individuals, teams and the organisation
  • Support individuals to attain respect and address instances of unfairness or discrimination
  • Adjust interpersonal style to the social and cultural business context


  • Manage Conflict Identify and act on possible causes or sources of conflict
  • Negotiate issues to reach acceptable outcomes
  • Review the effectiveness of conflict management strategies
  • Take action to prevent recurrence of conflict

Department head, deputy director and senior manager

16 hours/2 days

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