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Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Lead Managers

Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Lead Managers

Useful information


  • Contribute to Organisational Strategy Development Research and report on trends and factors of strategic value or significance to the organisation
  • Consult with stakeholders to define mission and objectives for the organisation
  • Facilitate management team involvement in the development of organisation strategies
  • Communicate strategy to influence stakeholders and ensure their support and buy-in


  • Develop Strategies to Comply with Corporate Governance Requirements
  • Access information sources to identify and interpret key requirements of governance and social responsibility relevant to the organisation
  • Review systems and processes used to support compliance and identify required changes
  • Implement processes to ensure that business units address the corporate governance and social responsibility requirements of the organisation


  • Contribute to Organisational Strategy Development
  • Communicate clear, inspiring goals, plans and priorities to ensure stakeholder support and buy-in
  • Engage employees to ensure implementation of plans to support achievement of goals
  • Model strong leadership by demonstrating

Department head, deputy director and senior manager

16 hours/2 days

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