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Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Lead Team

Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Lead Team

Useful information

Understand the Fundamentals

  • The concept of team
  • Why do you need teams?
  • Advantages of forming a team
  • Leadership and “followship”

Facilitate Implementation of Organisation Strategies

  • Assist team leaders to identify trends and issues impacting on teams and their productivity
  • Facilitate team leaders’ involvement in the development of business unit strategies
  • Support team leaders to develop operational plans
  • Communicate strategic priorities to stakeholders and ensure their support and buy-in

Promote Compliance with Corporate Governance Requirements

  • Develop or modify systems to ensure compliance with corporate governance and social responsibilities
  • Develop processes for reporting non-compliance and risks
  • Ensure employees comply with corporate governance requirements

Provide Direction and Guidance to Team Leaders

  • Communicate organisational values and expectations of behaviour in the workplace
  • Engage regularly with employees and provide required support
  • Model leadership and demonstrate the application of organisational values, behaviours and governance priorities in all actions

Department managers

16 hours/2 days

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