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Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Support Team

Leadership and People Management (LPM)

Support Team

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Tell the Story

If you inspire your team members, it’s because the team shares the same vision with you. When you use storytelling to share a vision, be clear in what you want them to see. If uncertain, your story will be ineffective and the vision or theme you have will be lost.

  • Theme to communicate vision, values and expectations to team members Stor yboard will help identify organisational values that support strategic priorities
  • Script writing of role model behaviours that demonstrate organisational values in the workplace

Act the Story

When you’re using storytelling as a means to motivate your employees, you must be able to charm them and get them committed to work on the story you’re telling.

  • SMART Delivery to review organisational objectives and business plans and identify the requirements of your team and to create a team operational plan to support team progress towards the defined objectives
  • Lead team planning activities to identify trends and issues impacting on your team and its productivity
  • Work within the budget and time to market by allocating resources required for the implementation of objectives

Live the Story

When you share your story with your team it needs to feel original, not like a canned speech. The authentic feeling projected within your story is essential for your team members to find your story believable and thus feel inspired to act in the manner you want.

  • Communicate clear, inspiring goals, plans and priorities to ensure team members support and buy in
  • Model strong leadership by demonstrating application of organisational values, behaviours and governance priorities in all actions
  • Engage team members to contribute towards the organisation’s strategic priorities


Supervisor, assistant manager and team leader

16 hours/2 days

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