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Employer-Based Training Funding Support

Course Fee Subsidies and Absentee Payroll Funding are available for employers sponsoring employees who are either Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents for SSG-supported courses.

What are Course Fee Subsidies and Absentee Payroll?

Course Fee Subsidies for employer-sponsored training are available for SSG-supported courses. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can enjoy up to 90% of course fees funding with Enhanced Training Support for SMEs.

If an enterprise has Singaporean employees who are earning not more than $2,000 per month and are 35 years old and above, They will also benefit from the Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme when they are sponsored for training.

In addition to this, SSG also funds employee’s salary while he/she is undergoing training. One may apply for Absentee Payroll Funding via SkillsConnect portal.

How do they help employers?

  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)1 Non-SMEs1 Enterprises of
Any Sizes
Eligible Trainees for Subsidies and Absentee Payroll Singaporeans and

Permanent Residents

aged 35 years old and above who earn less than $2,000 per month
Eligible for

Course Fee Subsidies?

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Standard
Workfare Training

Support (WTS)

Eligible for


80% of basic hourly salary at a higher cap of $7.50 per hour 80% of basic hourly salary at a higher cap of $4.50 per hour 95% of basic hourly salary with no dollar cap

1 Only for training applications and enterprises approved on the online SkillsConnect platform. Enhanced funding will be awarded to only those who meet the eligibility criteria by SSG. All course fee subsidies and absentee payroll are available for Singaporean and Permanent Residents sent for SSG-funded Training.

Information is accurate as of 30th June 2017. SSG terms and conditions apply.