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SkillsFuture Funding and Credit

SkillsFuture is a national movement to enable all Singaporeans and permanent residents to develop to their fullest potential throughout life.

Discover how you can deepen your skills and offset course fees with SkillsFuture Funding and Credit support today!

What is SkillsFuture Funding Support?

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) aged 21 and above will enjoy standard training grants  when they sign up for supported courses.

Singaporeans 40 years old and above will be able to enjoy up to 90% of course fees funding with SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy when they enrol for these courses.

What is SkillsFuture Credit?

All Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above will receive an opening credit of $500. You can use your credit to offset skills related course fees by accessing once you have received your account activation letter.

How do they help you?

 youngsters  mid-career  wts

Who can qualify?

Singaporeans and PRs aged 21 years
old and above
Singaporeans aged 40 years old and above

aged 35 years old
and above who earn less than $1,900 per month

Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit?

Only Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above

Eligible for SkillsFuture funding?

Standard Grants

Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy

Workfare Training Support (WTS)

How it works for you:

Here are two examples of how one can utilise SkillsFuture incentives:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

sarah  john

Sarah, 25 years old

John, 40 years old

Information is accurate as of 31st August 2016.