Carrin Phua, FIA Prize Winner

MA1 – Management Information, 3rd in Singapore *


Why did you decide to sign up for the preparatory courses for FIA at Kaplan?

I was recommended by a relative to come to Kaplan. I chose Kaplan because of its location and its great brand name in providing quality education.

Please share your experiences as a student here, and how these experiences have served you well in what you are currently doing?

I had good experiences with my lecturer, Ms Elizabeth Ng for both my MA1 and FA1 lessons. Her lessons were very dynamic and enriching as she shared her experiences before classes and during break time with us.

Because of her friendliness, we felt it was very easy to approach her. She was clear in her explanations and often spent time to clarify every queries that we had. But what made her passion stand out was when she invested a lot of effort to guide us on our weaker subjects with more examples and practice questions to help us prepare better for our examinations.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years after studying at Kaplan?

Ideally, I wish to have a career in management accounting in the near future.

What advice would you give to other Kaplan students who are studying in the same course as you did?

I would advise other students to be more attentive during lessons, practice and ask as many questions as possible with Kaplan lecturers when they are not clear about the subjects they are studying.

As a FIA Prize Winner, please share how you achieved the award and good grades?

I took down notes during my lessons and spent time practising all the questions and revising properly after every class. I also photocopied a set of questions provided during lessons for my revision before examinations.

The Kaplan examination kit also proved useful as it helped me to identify topics which I was weak in and to put more effort to better prepare myself.

* Based on results from the June 2016 FIA Examinations.
Last update: 21st September 2016