Gao ZhiXuan, ACCA Prize Winner


P2 – Corporate Reporting, 1st in Singapore*
P5 – Advanced Performance Management, 1st in Singapore*
P3 – Business Analysis, 1st in Singapore**
F9 – Financial Management, 1st in Singapore**
F5 – Performance Management, 1st in Singapore***
F7 – Financial Reporting, 1st in Singapore***
F8 – Audit and Assurance, 3rd in Singapore ***

Why did you decide to sign up for the preparatory courses for ACCA at Kaplan?

I am currently serving my National Service and was keen to learn more about accounting before entering university.

I enrolled at Kaplan because I felt that it offers excellent quality programmes for a price competitive investment.

Please share your experiences as a student here, and how these experiences have served you well in what you are currently doing?

I was very impressed with the Kaplan lecturers like Andy Tan and Suzannah Tan as they were able to break down difficult concepts, explained them with real-life examples and relate these with their past working experiences.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years after studying at Kaplan?

I aspire to be a portfolio manager in 5 years’ time.

What advice would you give to other Kaplan students who are studying in the same course as you did?

To succeed in the examinations, there is no shortcut to passing the papers as students need proper preparation to fare well in examinations. I always attended every Kaplan lectures, read text books diligently and spent a lot of time on practice.

During practice, I also took the effort to identify and solve my mistakes to achieve a very sound grasp of the different concepts and principles. I would advise any students who registered for more than one ACCA paper during the examination season to invest their time wisely for each paper.

If students tend to spend more time on papers they like and avoid difficult ones, it is about time for them to consider doing the opposite.

As an ACCA Prize Winner, please share how you achieved the award and good grades?

Apart from spending a lot of time on practice, there is actually no secret to my success.

The Kaplan ACCA text books and past exam questions are comprehensive and they truly provided good information for anyone to prepare for the examinations. It would be a shame for anyone not to fully utilise such an invaluable resource before examinations. The ACCA technical articles from ACCA also provides a lot of essential materials for one to study before examinations.

* Based on results from the June 2016 ACCA Examinations.
** Based on results from the December 2015 ACCA Examinations.
*** Based on results from the June 2015 ACCA Examinations.
Last update: 24th November 2016