Trisha Lee

Top ACCA Affiliate, 9th in Singapore *
After graduating from a local polytechnic, I was undecided if I should continue pursuing accounting as a career. As I needed the time to decide, I signed up for ACCA evening classes at Kaplan and took up a short work stint in finance to see if accountancy really suits me.

As lessons progressed, I started to find myself getting really interested in this career path. My teachers’ passion and dedication warmed my passion in accounting and I finally switched to full-time lessons as I continued my ACCA journey with Kaplan.

My favourite lecturer is Andy Tan, who taught me Business Analysis (P3) as well as Advanced Performance Management (P5). His lessons were very engaging and he really wanted his students to succeed.

* Based on results from the June 2016 ACCA Examinations.
Last update: 21st September 2016