William Xin Qi, CFA® Student

CFA® Level III, Premier Package (January 2016 Intake)

Why did you decide to sign up for the preparatory courses for CFA® at Kaplan?

Kaplan has a strong brand name with good heritage and proven track record in education. I made my choice to study for CFA® exams at Kaplan because of its reputation as a serious education provider.

It was challenging for me to study for CFA® on my own as I had a heavy workload and family commitments especially for the first three months of my studies. The course at Kaplan really help guide my CFA® study plan, build my foundation knowledge and exam confidence.

Please share your experiences as a student here, and how these experiences have served you well in what you are currently doing?

I enjoyed spending time on this course as it was easy to travel to Kaplan campus for my lessons. I also had a lot of dining choices as there were plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr Nilanjan Sen for his experienced insights, helpfulness and dedication in helping me to follow my study plan.

Can you tell us what you are working as currently? And how has the CFA® preparatory course benefited you?

I am currently a Credit Analyst at Eastspring Investment (an asset management arm of Prudential) where I am responsible for managing Asian corporations’ credit worthiness in China, Korea and India markets.

In my opinion, the CFA® programme has a few clear benefits. Firstly, it provides students with board and practical knowledge of the financial market which is ideal for university students or individuals who are looking forward to entering the financial industry.

Secondly, my background was in fixed income so it’s very helpful to understand equity and corporate finance knowledge from this course. And from my experience, the exams will motivate one to study harder and get more knowledge.

Lastly, the CFA® charter demonstrates to potential employers that you have the drive and discipline to study and upgrade yourself. I would strongly recommend young university students to embark on the CFA® programme early in life and quickly earn the designation to differentiate themselves in their resumes.

Where do you see yourself once you have attained the CFA® Charter?

At the age of 40, I do actually feel less pressure to earn the CFA® Charter. But I really enjoyed the entire learning journey at Kaplan as it brings back the nostalgic memories of my university days 20 years ago. Now, I take it as a personal challenge and motivation for myself to achieve the next milestone in life.

The premier package comprises of the education course, revision course and live mock exam or Schweser online mock exam.

Last update: 22nd April 2017