Zhang Lanxi, ACCA Prize Winner

P6 – Advanced Taxation, 3rd in Singapore *


Why did you decide to sign up for the preparatory courses for ACCA at Kaplan?

Kaplan has earned a strong reputation for its excellent ACCA lecturers, good study environment and tuition support for students. That is why Kaplan is my preferred choice.

Please share your experiences as a student here, and how these experiences have served you well in what you are currently doing?

With a right place to study at Kaplan, all I needed to do is just concentrate on the ACCA class lectures which are important to my study success.

Whenever I had spare time, I practised on past years’ papers and simply ask Kaplan lecturers whenever I had any questions. I will advise other ACCA students to do the same to fare well for their examinations.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years after studying at Kaplan?

I firmly believe that I can be a good senior accountant or auditor in Singapore in the near future.

As an ACCA Prize Winner, please share how you achieved the award and good grades?

To achieve this prize, I simply kept attempting more past years’ papers and focused on notes and study tips given by my ACCA lecturers at Kaplan.

Attempting more past years’ papers also alerted me to the style of questions and key words and phrases that I need to learn by heart.

Some students will try to spot questions and focus on specific topics which they believe will be examined. However, I would advise that students should study the entire syllabus diligently and ensure they know all the topics of the entire paper before sitting for the examination.

* Based on results from the June 2016 ACCA Examinations.
Last update: 21st September 2016