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The Synergy Pod – Classroom of the Future

PoMo_The Synergy Pod

The Synergy Pod “Classroom of the Future” at Kaplan is a comprehensive blended learning platform that integrates conventional classroom learning with technologically-mediated resources to enhance the student learning experience and engagement. It was built in mind to encourage teacher-student discussions and peer-to-peer collaboration, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience for our students.

The Synergy Pod is created to be innovative yet practical and fully interactive, providing a visually stimulating and immersive learning environment. The hardware includes:

  • 60-inch interactive whiteboard
  • Seven 55-inch LED flat screens
  • A tablet on every table to increase real-time online interaction
  • White-board finished tables which can be flipped up for presentation of answers and solutions.
  • Ergonomically designed seats for enhanced learning experience

Blended Learning is the systematic combination of face-to-face teaching with online learning materials and other digital resources, involving students, teachers and adapted learning resources. As an advocate for Blended Learning, it has become essential at Kaplan for the transfer of knowledge between students and faculty. It enables a greater variety of learning tools, encouraging students to collaborate real-time and increase engagement with content and faculty. Technology has also allowed learning analytics to track students’ attainment of knowledge throughout the lesson.

Kaplan’s proprietary online materials are adapted from hardcopy and custom-built in localised context. We have since created:

  • Over 435 original videos
  • More than 1,044 teaching and learning interactive activities
  • More than 1,305 questions for students’ formative self-assessment

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