Win Loh’s parents divorced when she was 11 years old. To help make ends meet, Win started working at a restaurant four years later.

“From the burns on my fingers and scalds on my hands, I learnt how to run a kitchen the hard way,” said the 38-year-old.

But she didn’t give up. Win picked up skills along the way and soon progressed from managing staff to running a restaurant and setting up a food business. Although she is a successful consultant in the food-and-beverage industry, she believes it is important to upgrade herself.

“It is good to engage in lifelong learning. We can’t go through life thinking that studying or learning ends when we walk out of school,” said Win, who has been taking several courses over the years to enhance her expertise.

Currently, Win is studying for a Diploma in Business and Law from Kaplan Higher Education Institute, and is using the SkillsFuture Credit to offset the school fees. The eightmonth part-time programme touches on key topics, such as family law and commercial law.

“I thought that what I knew from learning on the job was sufficient to help me in my career. But after the commercial law module, I realised that there are many ways to handle a crisis. It also helps me understand the responsibilities of the establishments, and what they can and cannot be liable for,” she said.

Win will complete her diploma next month and she hopes that with her newfound skills and knowledge, she will be headhunted for consulting jobs. “This diploma is a stepping stone for better things to come,” she said.

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Article by Nicolette Ong
Source: TODAY© Mediacorp Press Limited. Permission required for reproduction.