The Business Times (BT): Many jobs and industries are being disrupted by new technologies. What new skills will workers require in the near future?

Rhys Johnson: A postgraduate degree gives the holder critical thinking and analytical skills to thrive in the new economy. Dynamic technological advances will continue to offer challenges from time to time and workers should continue to enhance the technical skills that are relevant to their respective sectors. However, those holding postgraduate qualifications will be best-positioned to adapt and capitalise on the opportunities that arise.

How are your institution’s postgraduate programmes preparing students for this new reality?

Rhys Johnson: At Kaplan, we work closely with our university partners to constantly review the curriculum offered here in Singapore, making necessary upgrades to course contents and learning methodologies to ensure each cohort of students is taking away the most relevant and updated learning outcomes.

How are you leveraging technology to more effectively achieve your goals?

Rhys Johnson: At Kaplan, all our students have access to both our own and our university partners’ IT-based support. In addition, Kaplan is undertaking a programme of teaching space upgrades, based on our widely praised Synergy Pod concept, which will provide a learning environment ideally suited to postgraduate studies.

What are some of your more interesting postgraduate offerings?

Rhys Johnson: We are seeing an increased trend of students taking up our Master of Health Services Management degree awarded by Griffith University. Their profiles are not limited to within the healthcare industry but also professionals from other fields. This is interesting when we consider the ageing population and how health services in general would need to keep pace in order to cater to an expected increase in demand of such services.

What new plans are in the pipeline?

Rhys Johnson: There are plans to launch a series of new postgraduate programmes in the coming years in keeping pace with the projected industry trends and demands. For example, Graduate Diplomas and Master’s degrees in Digital Marketing as well as IT Security are planned to provide up-to-date training and the relevant skill set for our students.


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Article by Francis Kan
Source: The Business Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.