With the digital world in a constant flux, there is pressure on marketing specialists to keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of digital marketing.

Hence, there is a need for marketing specialists to bridge the digital skills gap if they wish to set themselves apart from the competition and demonstrate their competency and value.

That is why Kaplan Learning Institute has developed a suite of Digital Marketing Certification Programmes, namely Digital Marketing – Fundamental, and Digital Marketing – Advanced.

The Digital Marketing – Fundamental course guides new entrants on digital marketing strategy, digital advertising, search engine and web analytics fundamentals.

Participants who complete the course can expect to learn techniques on generating more leads from Web traffic and clicks from Web advertising, as well as how to track lead conversions, so that marketing investments are justified.

The Digital Marketing Advanced course takes students to another level on lessons revolving around building a digital brand experience and gaining followers on social media.

They are also exposed to social media advertising and techniques on marketing and advertising on the powerful Google Display and video network.

Mr Rachit Dayal (above right) the course designer for these programmes, has trained more than 1,000 executives in digital marketing and has been at the forefront of search marketing and analytics in Asia.

“I realised that many individuals and companies were still actively seeking to hire trained digital marketing specialists and they had difficulty in finding those who met their needs,” he says.

“This is why I created these programmes — to help employers groom their talent pool and also to offer job seekers a better chance to validate their digital marketing skills.”

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