Teaching style, good friends and interesting lecturers justify her choice of Kaplan Singapore for further education

Although she did not get her first choice of study, Miss Pradnya Atul Deshpande has no regrets now.

The Singapore permanent resident, 21, found her niche in Kaplan Singapore, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and human resource management, a double degree awarded by Murdoch University, Australia.

Miss Pradnya, did her A levels at Global Indian International School in April 2011 and hoped to take up an English literature course at the local universities.

She said: “But I could not get into the course.

That was when I turned to private institutions for alternative study options.

“I had heard a lot about Kaplan from a close friend who had taken a psychology degree awarded by Murdoch University through Kaplan.”

The shorter studying time was also attractive to her. She said: “I also liked the fact that this double major degree could be completed in two years, which was far less than what I had originally anticipated.

“Work experience is crucial for career development and many students value the opportunity to join the workforce early.”In contrast to her A-level studies, which involved following textbooks closely and focused mainly on rote learning, the teaching style at Kaplan Singapore focuses on self-study and examinations are application-based.

Miss Pradnya, who will complete her course by December, said: “It took me a while to adapt to this style of learning initially but now I am convinced that this teaching structure has helped me in many ways. It has made me more independent and disciplined.

“I have learnt to write better and to express my thoughts in my own words clearly. I believe this will prepare me well for the workforce when I graduate.

“The modules for both majors are interesting and relevant to the industries I hope to work in.

“Class discussions help me to understand and be mindful of others’ viewpoints, broadening my own perceptions and knowledge.

“The projects and assignments are also structured to help me understand how concepts can be better applied to real-life situations.”

The helpful and kind friends Miss Pradnya has made, help make her learning experience enjoyable.

“The most enjoyable classes I have attended are those of Mr Frankie Yee. He makes learning fun and his lessons are easy to understand.

“He shares real-life experiences to keep them relevant to the topics.”

Miss Pradnya said: “Kaplan understands that every individual is unique in their needs and tailors its teaching methods that way. I am very happy that I chose Kaplan for my further education.”

At A Glance

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Resource Management awarded by Murdoch University

Through the modules for the psychology major, students understand the foundations of psychological knowledge and how modern scientific research methods are used to further this understanding of differences and similarities between people.

It covers all relevant areas of the psychology curriculum and broadens skills in teamwork, communication and problem solving necessary in social and workplace settings. This complements the modules in the human resource management major as students are taught various areas of human resource management including strategic roles, employee performances, employment policies, legal and environmental regulations, pay and benefits, organizational designs, and the future direction of human resources.

Upon graduation, students can look forward to career opportunities in the areas of headhunting, human resource, industrial relations, management, recruitment and training & development.

“We are proud to be offering the largest suite of double major degrees by Murdoch University in Singapore and year after year, Kaplan has had graduates that emerge as top 2 per cent of the Murdoch graduate cohort. These programmes are very popular as they equip graduates with the knowledge in dual disciplines, therefore increasing the potential employability in the workforce.”


Mr Rhys Johnson
Vice-President, Teaching, Learning & Student Support, Kaplan

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