As a kid, Mr Adwin Low was not “naturally studious” and was known to be playful.

Under his engineer father’s tutelage, he scored well enough for his O levels to gain entry to a junior college, but that was when everything fell apart.

Mr Low recalls: “During my first year at junior college, I became rebellious and disinterested. I felt like I needed my own space and became resistant to my father’s coaching.”

He quit junior college after a year to join a polytechnic, but quit the institution the next year as well.

While working at a bank for a year before enlisting for national service (NS), Mr Low encountered the pressures of working life and more responsibilities, which helped him to mature.

He began exploring options to further his studies and learnt of Kaplan from an NS mate.

In 2011, after completing his Basic Military Training, Mr Low enrolled in Kaplan’s Diploma in Communications Management, now known as Diploma in Mass Communications.

Then he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies at Murdoch University via Kaplan, and graduated in 2013.

That same year, he joined financial and corporate communications advisory firm Tulchan Communications as an analyst.

Determined to fund his own studies, Mr Low worked while studying at Kaplan.

He says: “I knew that I had to make up for lost time after the junior college and polytechnic routes did not work out.

“Kaplan provided me with an alternative route. I had to remain disciplined and adhere to my study plan.”

He appreciated Kaplan’s flexible class timetables, which enabled him to plan his lessons around his work schedule.

Like various programmes under Kaplan, his diploma and degree education also offered a shorter academic route relative to other tertiary institutions, which helped him to catch up with his peers.

Mr Low, 27, is now an associate at Tulchan Communications.

He still finds concepts he learnt at university — for example, on how to write a good press release — very applicable to his job.

Many of his lecturers had significant experience in the industry and were able to make lessons more relevant to the local

Also, interacting with lecturers and course mates with industry experience helped him start his working life with a good knowledge base.

By the time he graduated, Mr Low already had a very good overview of the public relations industry.

In fact, it was a Kaplan lecturer who recommended him to Tulchan Communications for an interview.

In time, Mr Low hopes to build a stronger and more diverse portfolio of clients, and mentor his juniors on their career progression.

For those looking to further their studies, he stresses the importance of being disciplined while studying.

He says: “I would advise others who are considering this alternative route to honestly assess if they are able or willing to make the commitment at that point in time.”

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Article by Esther Teo
Source: The Straits Times© Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.