Online Learning Available.

This study mode is made available due to COVID-19. Once the situation improves, arrangements will be made to reinstate classroom delivery in full.



24 Sept 2015


Latest – PSI readings have crossed the unhealthy range and likely, hazard range tomorrow. MOE has issued notice of closure for only Primary & Secondary and Special education schools tomorrow. They will continue to monitor and advice for post-secondary institutions.

We will resume operations and classes tomorrow, as normal, after the holiday today.

However, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and take guidance from the authorities. Please look out for updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages or save this page:


Thank you


16 Sep 2015

Dear Students,


Given the hazy conditions we are experiencing, please do take care by staying indoors as best you can and keeping hydrated.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will update you accordingly, per health advisory on the air quality.

For PSI reading above 150:

  • Please wear a mask. Masks are available at all our SRO counters if you or your classmates need one.
  • Wilkie Edge Campus Level 2 glass doors to link bridge will be CLOSED to minimise the inflow of unfiltered air. All entry/exit to be via Level 1 glass doors.

Stay safe. Stay indoors.


Kaplan Singapore Management