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Kaplan Cyber Fair – Certified Blockchain Professional

• Introduction to CBP & IIB Council
• Introduction to Block chain Technology
• Walkthrough course content and Modules
• Exam & Certification
• Job Role/Career Path
• Q & A

Guest Speaker: Ryan Suryanto, Trainer

Ryan has over 30 years of experience in:

  • Business Intelligence development, messaging and security
  • IT technical consultation, technical support, project management
  • Novell/SuSe LINUX, Comptia, VMware Virtualization
  • Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall
  • Software development
  • Technical training in the area of Microsoft network infrastructure
  • Trend Micro, IBM DB2, WebSphere, MQ and Middleware
  • Uniquely able to break down complex IT issues into a much simpler concept and impart it to the students
  • Virtualisation, software development, database administration and development


Attend our Live webinar session on 26/09/2020 1:00pm by clicking on the link here.

Sep 2020
01:00 PM
Guest Speaker:Ryan Suryanto, Trainer
Ryan Suryanto, Trainer