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Kaplan Singapore academic staff roster and qualifications
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Our academic staff is the backbone of our institution, bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and dedication to your educational journey. Learn more about the professionals who will guide you to success. 

At Kaplan Singapore, we place a strong emphasis on providing focused assistance and creating a nurturing environment for students to excel. The following document provides information on the teacher-student ratio across our programmes. 

Academic Staff Overview


2023 Outstanding Teaching Award

This award at Kaplan Singapore honours lecturers who consistently exhibit unwavering dedication and exceptional teaching excellence. Recipients of this accolade have been selected based on rigorous teaching evaluation data, affirming their commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for their students. They are celebrated for their significant contributions to the educational community at Kaplan Singapore and their remarkable ability to inspire and empower the next generation of learners. 


  • Mr Zahir Hussain 
  • Ms Debra Francis 
  • Mr Dipan Mehta 
  • Dr Anand Naidu 
  • Dr Dinesh Dhaliwal 
  • Dr Donald Tan 
  • Mr Robin Lange 
  • Ms Rasvinder Kaur 
  • Ms Saraswathi Turairas 
  • Mr Satish Kumar 
  • Mr Stephen Harrowfield 
  • Mr Jason Tan 
  • Ms Karen Tho 
  • Ms Yap Rae Yi 
  • Mr Alfred Yong 
Faculty Appreciation Overview

2023 My Favourite Teacher Award

The "My Favourite Teacher Award" is a prestigious annual recognition presented to a single lecturer who has exceeded all expectations in their dedication to educating and mentoring students. What sets this award apart is that it is exclusively decided by the students themselves through their votes, underscoring the profound impact the recipient has made on their educational journey. It stands as a heartwarming testament to the lecturer's exceptional commitment and their unique ability to connect with and inspire their students.


  • Dr Mohamed Fadhil 
Dr Fadhil