Strengthening bonds beyond graduation

Be part of the Kaplan extended family

As a Kaplan graduate, you are part of our extended family. Register to join our Kaplan Alumni Club to enjoy perks such as complimentary career coaching sessions, exclusive invites to alumni events, preferred rates for talks and workshops, alumni upgrader discounts and more.

Kaplan Alumni Extended Family

Alumni Benefits

Complimentary career coaching and mentoring
Eligibility for Alumni Upgrader discounts
Exclusive invites to Alumni Events
Free or discounted rates for talks and workshops
Professional branding and career opportunities
Selected premiums redemption

Alumni Club

The Kaplan Alumni Club offers opportunities for graduates to stay connected with the Kaplan community, including their peers and lecturers. Alumni members are invited to participate in professional development workshops, employability events, industry talks, and networking activities. Mentorship and career coaching are provided to members who require such assistance. International students are invited to stay connected and participate in online events through the overseas chapters of the Kaplan Alumni Club in China, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

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