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Kaplan City Campus @ Odeon has been designed to create a collaborative and interactive learning and teaching environment for students, with state-of-the-art technology, innovative features and a modern look. 

By integrating cutting-edge technology, our campus provides top-notch facilities and resources for students, faculty and staff, through features such as The Nexus, state-of-the-art classrooms and Private Online Discussion support stations (PODss). Take a peek into our campus below!

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Our new campus is spacious and fitted out with new, state-of-the-art technology as well as conducive collaborative spaces.

The Nexus Website

The Nexus

The Nexus is a collaborative space equipped with an 85-inch smart interactive touchscreen display board which offers intuitive on-screen interactions. Height-adjustable tables which can flip and be used as whiteboards are also available to allow students to interact seamlessly together.

State-of-the-Art Classrooms Website

State-of-the-Art Classrooms

Our new Campus also offers state-of-the-art classrooms enhanced with cutting-edge technology and improved technology experience. Apart from the 85-inch smart interactive display boards, a section of the classroom walls has been designed as writable surfaces, serving as a reusable canvas for students to capture and discuss their ideas.

PODss Website

Private Online Discussion Support Stations (PODss)

PODss are similar to video teller machines for banks. Students based at our new campus can conveniently contact their respective Programme Managers during office hours and conduct a private, one-on-one meeting without the need for either party to travel between campuses. 


Experience the meeting point of innovation and inspiration with modern facilities at our Kaplan campuses at Wilkie Edge, Odeon 331 and GR.ID – all of which are specially designed to help you succeed in your academic journey.

Our campuses are situated in the heart of the city and each campus is conveniently located near 6 MRT stations across major train lines. 

Check out the video and follow two of our students to catch the sights and sounds of our Wilkie Edge campus and its surroundings!

You may find us at the following locations:

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge - 8 Wilkie Road #02-01 Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095
Kaplan City Campus @ Odeon - 331 North Bridge Road, Odeon 331 Level 8, Singapore 188720
Kaplan City Campus @ GR.ID - 1 Selegie Road #09-01, Singapore 188306