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Start your journey of personal development

Where education meets engagement and enrichment.

Set against a vibrant and inclusive environment, Kaplan Campus Life prepares you for a path for success through Student Affairs and Career Services.

Dive into your dynamic student life at Kaplan, where learning happens more often outside rooms than in. From vibrant student clubs to international communities, our campus is your stage for personal growth, where you discover your passions and hone skills that will shape your future. 

Because at Kaplan, you are not just building your resume; you are building a lifetime of success. Unleash your natural leadership abilities, embrace diversity, and create unforgettable memories with Kaplan Campus Life and the Kaplan Student Council (KSC).

Get ready to embark on a journey where your potential meets its match!

Our 5 Pillars of Student Empowerment

Embark on a journey with Kaplan, where every step gets you closer to the career of your choice. Our Employability & Student Affairs efforts take you further than simply academia. It is a journey of lifelong success built on our proven 5 pillars of student empowerment, which form the basis of our holistic approach of helping you create the future you envision.

Student Engagement is more than just learning; it is enhancing your learning journey and preparing you for a lifetime of personal growth.

Employability Training is your bridge to a pre-career stage where you acquire all the essential skills to get you ready for the transition.

Industry Insights are your window to the real world, where our industry experts will guide you with valuable career advice and industry trends.

Graduate Employment is your compass to success, with career guidance and support to carve your own path.

Professional Development is your launchpad for a seamless and smooth take-off from school to the workforce.

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We love spicing things up with a little healthy competition! Play up your competitive spirit and hone essential skills like teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Most importantly, have fun while doing it!

Community Service

Corporate Social Responsibility Experience

Have a taste of impactful action through our CSR efforts! Volunteer in the H.E.R.O. (Help Everyone and Reach Out) Club to do good for the benefit of the community, society and the environment, and remember to have fun while doing it!


Student Leadership Programme

Have what it takes to be a student leader? The Student Executive Committee (SEC) is always on the lookout for those with exceptional leadership qualities. Potential student leaders join the rigorous 6-month Kaplan Student Leadership Programme (KSLP) that would help them acquire the skills to become a certified Kaplan Student Leader.  

Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Be involved in a student club of your choice! Create new friendships, pick up soft skills, make an impact through volunteering, and accumulate all of these experiences while you pursue your academic endeavours at Kaplan.

Student Deals

Student and Alumni Deals

Enjoy exclusive offers and promotions as a Kaplan student!

Student Events

Student Events

Get ready to kickstart your career with our dynamic student events at Kaplan! From employability training workshops to cultural and recreational events, we are here to ensure your time at Kaplan is as enriching as it is exciting.