Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)

Dive into the world of alternative investments

Gain a profound grasp of alternative investments for the evolving finance landscape of tomorrow. 

What is the CAIA® (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst℠) Designation?

The CAIA® Charter is a rigorous self-study course designed for finance professionals who seek a high level of knowledge and ability to demonstrate expertize in alternative investments. The curriculum places emphasis on understanding alternative asset classes and building applications in manager selection, risk management and asset allocation.

As a globally-recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing or regulating alternative investments, distinguish yourself with knowledge, expertize and a clear career advantage by becoming a CAIA® Charterholder.

Purchase of Kaplan Schweser Study Materials for your CAIA® Exams

Candidates may purchase the following packages from Kaplan Schweser:

  • PremiumPlus™ (Core + Instruction + Review) Package
  • Premium (Core + Instruction) Package
  • EssentialPlus (Core + Review) Package
  • Essential (Core) Package
  • SchweserNotes™ (Basic) Package
  • Online Review Workshop Package

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CAIA Overview

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