Focus on the Future

Education that is forward-thinking, future-ready and perfectly poised for success in tomorrow’s world
Future Ready

Tailored for Economic and Personal Growth

Kaplan prepares you for the key growth economies as identified by SkillsFuture Singapore’s Skills Demand for the Future Economy report.

Whatever the future growth economies identified may be, Kaplan’s curriculum has been developed around them prepare you with the essential skillsets to excel in the world of tomorrow.  

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A holistic approach to education

Receive holistic and dedicated assistance from Kaplan’s Employability and Student Affairs (ESA) team to get the best headstart for the career you want. 

Because our approach to education goes beyond academic excellence. The unique Kaplan culture of support extends to helping you become the best version of yourself, and to experience real personal growth in the process.

From employability training and professional insights to world-class facilities and mentorship, ESA services are what truly set us apart in developing well-rounded individuals not just for the workforce, but future movers and shakers of the world.

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Your Career, Our Passion

Let us help you supercharge your employability and chart your career path.

Professional Development Series

Begin your professional journey with our comprehensive suite of Professional Development assistance, designed to set you up for success post graduation.
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Employability Training

Brush up on the essential skills that will augment your academic qualifications and get you work-ready.
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Industry Insights

Stay up-to-date and gain the latest industry insights from our dedicated Industry Advisory Board members, who can give you the Kaplan competitive edge.
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Graduate Employment

Get all the support you need in terms of career guidance, to create your path to success beyond graduation.
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