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Create new pathways in your career

Embark on a definitive pathway that will propel your expertise to new heights.

Here at Kaplan, we understand the significance of continuous growth in today’s ever-evolving landscape, and our Postgraduate programmes are your passport to a transformative educational journey, designed to supercharge your expertise and career prospects.

As an enthusiastic learner looking to dive deeper and thrive in your chosen field, our programmes are crafted to equip you with specialised knowledge, practical skills and a fresh, exciting perspective.

Join us in this exhilarating realm of advanced learning and professional development. With a Postgraduate Degree by your side, you are not just on a path to excellence; you are taking a giant leap towards your brighter future.

Let us accelerate your career with a transformative Postgraduate Degree.

PostGraduate Degree Acad Level Overview

Over 25 Postgraduate programmes


Partnership with 7 renowned universities from Australia, Ireland and the UK


Networking opportunities with industry professionals

top school

Degrees awarded same as on-campus


Easy and affordable payments4


Heart of the city near 6 MRT stations


Over 95% of our graduates will recommend Kaplan1


4-Year EduTrust Certified


Award-winning employability initiatives2

Postgraduate programmes

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Experience Kaplan’s supportive learning environment inside and out.

A Supportive Environment

At Kaplan, our conducive environment helps stimulate minds, encourage exploration and achieve excellence. Find out how this helped our student Jordan Sukaimi become a World Dance Champion! Check out the video here.

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1Based on total survey respondents of the Kaplan Graduate Employment Survey 2021/22: 3,107 full-time and part-time graduates. 

2Source: 2023 Singapore Business Review International Business Awards – Educational Management