Industry Insights

Gain a competitive edge by staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends
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Entrepreneurship Talks

We regularly get entrepreneurs to share their personal journeys of success at Kaplan. Through these events, we hope to inspire students like yourself, and learn from the movers and shakers first-hand about entrepreneurship.

Industry Advisory Boards

Industry Advisory Boards

To have valuable real-world insights and trends, we have Industry Advisory Boards (IAB) from various sectors set up to get experts to weigh in on employment demands and the qualities that employers look for in graduates.

Industry Talks

Industry Talks

What better way to understand the industry than to meet with professionals and visit the premises yourself? Our industry-specific talks are aimed at better appreciating the benefits and demands of the workforce, with valuable perspectives on workplace training and progression. 

Industry Visit

Industry Visits

What better way to understand the industry than to visit the premises yourself? Industry visits help you personally experience the workplace and culture through physical interaction.



Our MasterClasses are for subject matter experts and industry practitioners to get you aware of industry trends, gain valuable insights, and professional techniques to improve performance strategies for specific work areas.

Work Experience

Work Experiences

We present local students with work opportunities (non-credit-bearing internship) to gain valuable industry exposure. If you are graduating, this is your chance to establish networks with potential employers.