Administrative Matters

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Administration Matters

Change of Students’ Particulars

Should there be any changes to students’ particulars such as home address, telephone number, email address or any related information, they are required to update these details via the Kaplan360 mobile app. Credentials to access the Kaplan360 app will be sent to them in due course after their programme officially starts. For changing of parents’/legal guardian’s Singapore address and particulars, please contact the Programme Management Team.

Students who have yet to receive their login credentials may inform their Programme Consultant/Programme Management Team of any changes in writing. Failure to update Kaplan of their personal contact details may result in Kaplan not being able to reach and inform students of any changes to the programme such as timetable, examination, etc.

Student’s Pass holders are required to notify the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at for any change in passport particulars or place of residence within 14 days of the change.

Note: Kaplan will not be responsible for any delay or loss of information caused by the student’s lack of updates on their contact details.

Class Recording

Kaplan may record classes for students to view them post-delivery, whether the classes are delivered online or on-campus. Recordings may capture students’ audio, visual or text that appear during these classes. By attending classes, students consent to their classes being recorded by Kaplan.

Module Evaluation

As part of Kaplan’s commitment to maintaining and improving the learning experience, there will be a feedback exercise in the form of an evaluation conducted online at the end of each module. The feedback will evaluate:

  • Academic staff performance ie. quality of teaching
  • Adequacy, accessibility and quality of teaching-learning resources and the school environment
  • Assessment methods and frequency
  • Physical facilities and infrastructure
  • Standard and quality of student support services
  • Communication
  • Programme management support
  • University partnership (where applicable)
  • Overall student satisfaction

Students are encouraged to provide constructive feedback for the purpose of further improvement on the programme. The students’ feedback data helps Kaplan to monitor various departments and respective lecturer performance, and to provide adequate and accurate information for the academic review and Academic Board in order to take any necessary action for improvement. Students’ specific information will not be made known to the lecturers.

In addition, students can also provide their feedback anytime during their course of study to the Programme Management Team or directly to [email protected]. Where applicable, students’ comments and feedback obtained will be discussed with the academic staff and lecturers, and action will be taken accordingly.

Fee Payment Mode

Online Payment/Credit Card (VISA/MASTER) or PAYNOW 
This only applies to payment of application fee via the Online Application portal at

KHEA Domestic & International Students 
Click here for more information. 

KHEA International Students for Professional Certification Programmes 
The modes of payment available are: cash, cheque (Singapore banks), NETS, Visa/Mastercard/AMEX and Telegraphic Transfer.

  • For payment by cheque(s), please make it payable (and crossed) to Kaplan Higher Education Academy Pte Ltd.
  • For payment by NETS/credit card, the limit is subject to your available balance and arrangement with the bank.
  • For payment by Telegraphic Transfer, you may refer below for the bank account information. 

Bank Name : The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporate Limited

Bank Address : 10 Marina Boulevard #48-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, Singapore 018983

Beneficiary’s Name : Kaplan Higher Education Academy Pte Ltd

Account No./Swift Code : 047-315189-003/HSBCSGSGXXX

Bank Code : 7232

Beneficiary’s Address : 8 Wilkie Road, Level 2, Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095 

Note: For Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payment, please add additional S$30 for bank’s service charge from the total payment.

Student Access Card

Kaplan students (except those on waivered programmes) within the school campus are required to have their Student Access Card (SAC) with them at all times. The SAC serves as a form of student identification, is used for registration of class attendance, and allows access to our library for browsing, loaning and returning of library books.

Please note that the SAC is not transferable and has to be returned to Kaplan upon completion of/withdrawal from programme. If students have lost their SAC, they are required to approach our front counter at Wilkie Edge Campus, Level 2, to request a replacement card. The replacement card is chargeable at S$15 nett.

Campus Safety and Health

Kaplan in Singapore is committed to conducting its business in a way that protects and ensures the safety and health of its employees, students, clients, visitors, contractors and others who may be affected by the academy's operations.

Kaplan is committed to:

  • Maintaining the campus in a safe condition, providing adequate facilities, including safe access to classes and at work.
  • Maintaining arrangements for emergency response including fire and medical emergencies.
  • Investigating all incidences of injury, near misses and ill-health.
  • Educate all our students and staff about safety and health awareness through various channels of communication.


All staff and students shall comply with the letter and spirit of the Workplace Safety and Health Act.


1.   Emergency Procedures

1.1   For first aid assistance, please contact:    

       Facilities Hotline at +65 6496 5981 or +65 6411 4338

1.2   In the event of an emergency, please contact:    

        For Ambulance, please call 995

        For SCDF, please call 995

        For Police, please call 999

1.3   When reporting an emergency, please provide precise information as follows:

        Who  -  Name of Caller

        Where  -  Location (building, level, room number)

        When  -   Time of Occurrence

        What  -  Nature of Emergency (eg. fire, explosion, abusive behaviour, etc.)


2.   Fire Safety

2.1  In case of a fire alarm, please listen to the PA System announcement and follow the instructions given by the Building Management.

2.2   If there is a need for evacuation, please walk quickly to the nearest staircase guided by the Fire Warden to exit the building. 

2.3   You may also refer to the Fire Evacuation Plan in every room for the nearest route of escape.

2.4   Do not run. Do not use the lifts.

2.5   Do participate in the Fire Drills organised by the Building Management when invited to take part.


3.   Electricity Safety

3.1   Do not overload electrical points, plugs, sockets or extension cords.

3.2   Use only one plug or one extension cord on one socket.

3.3   The maximum current loading for each power socket outlet should not exceed the socket amperage (eg. 13A or 15A).

3.4   Inspect and maintain electrical equipment and their power cords regularly. Stop using the electrical equipment immediately if they are defective or the wire insulation has worn out.

3.5   Use only electrical products that are affixed with the approved "Safety Mark" label regulated by Enterprise Singapore.


4.   Slips & Trips

4.1   Slips, trips and falls are one of the causes of injuries on campus. Besides sprains and strains, they can also result in more serious injuries like fractures and head injuries.

4.2  Kaplan will take measures to prevent slips, trips and falls, such as maintaining the right floor conditions and good housekeeping. Examples:

  • Report or clean up any spill or leak immediately

  • Clear walkways of boxes and cables

4.3   Students and staff should also avoid looking at their mobile devices while walking or rushing, and wearing the wrong footwear to prevent incidents of slips, trips and falls.


5.   Computers

5.1   Continuous and prolonged use of the computer may lead to repetitive strain injury or impaired vision.

5.2   All students are advised to take a short break after using a computer for more than an hour.


6.   Smoking & Vaping

6.1  Kaplan maintains a smoke-free campus. There is strictly no smoking and vaping on campus; smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area outside the building and away from the entrances to the building.


7.   Support for Students with Special Needs

7.1   Kaplan is committed to providing appropriate support to students with special needs, to enable their pursuit of higher education and personal development.

7.2   For students with special needs, kindly approach your programme manager for assistance.