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Kaplan is one of Singapore’s leading providers of professional Accounting and Finance courses, having trained thousands of students to date.

Kaplan has been accredited by our professional partners, demonstrating our commitment to achieving excellent standards of teaching and providing outstanding student support and learning facilities. We are well-established and reputable, with a complete range of professional Accounting and Financial courses catering to all levels.

Widely recognised as an institution with dedicated lecturers and a proven track record of exceptional pass rates, Kaplan will equip you with the skills and confidence needed to shine in the challenging Accounting and Finance industry. We have one of the largest Accounting and Finance lecturer teams, who bring with them an invaluable pool of experience which our students can readily tap on. Our campuses at Wilkie Edge, Odeon 331 and GR.ID are situated in the heart of the city, with each campus located near 6 MRT stations across major train lines.

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