Why Choose University of Portsmouth (UOP)?

Awarded the prestigious Gold rating for Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in UK since 2017, UOP has an excellent reputation for quality teaching and high levels of student satisfaction. The TEF is the British Government’s way of measuring teaching excellence in Higher Education institutions. It is an independent judgement of what UOP does and how we prepare students for work or further studies after graduating, and is judged by a panel of academics, students and employers. Today, our variety of programmes cater to the needs of popular career fields such as Analytics, Cyber Security, Data Science, Forensic Computing and Software Engineering.

Current Rankings

  • Gold-rating for Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)1
  • 50% hands-on learning2
  • Learn digital forensic tools3
  • Learn Java and Javascript4
  • Apply For British Computer Society (BCS) UK Membership
About UOP’s Cyber Security and Forensic Computing Degree Programme

Cybersecurity is a high-priority and integral part of business, military and government defenses around the world. If you are interested in ethical hacking, this programme is for you. You will understand how to investigate cybercrime for the police and the steps needed to take a case through to court, and design and develop software, hardware and networks in fields such as digital forensics and artificial intelligence. Additionally, our faculty has years of experience and expertise in computer security, with our teaching informed by up-to-date research into the latest advancements in forensic computing and cybersecurity.

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About UOP’s Software Engineering Degree Programme

Technology is an increasing part of everyday life, and there is a constant need for the software behind it to be updated, maintained and improved. If you like solving problems and have an interest in coding and computing, this Degree prepares you for a career in this field. You will study programming techniques and software engineering principles that can be applied to many different areas. You will put theory into practice while applying various software technologies to solve complex problems. The combination of technical skills and practical experience provided will prepare you for a career as a programmer or developer in fields such as data warehousing, computer security, IT management and web development.

With a 50% hands-on learning approach, students will learn popular programming languages and scripts such as Java and Javascript.

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About UOP’s Data Science and Analytics Degree Programme

Big business, social media, finance and the public sector all rely on data scientists to analyse their data and draw out business-boosting insights. Through this programme, you will learn the technical and analytical skills to make sense of the vast amounts of data available to organisations while working within the regulatory and technical boundaries of the field.

After graduation, you will be equipped for a career in the data analytics and deep learning industry. You could work for multinational companies, small or medium enterprises, or innovation centres. Roles that our graduates have taken on include:

  • Analytics Manager
  • Applications Support (Big Data Operations)
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • Data or Business Analysts
  • Information Analysts
  • Lead Developer

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1 Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.
2 Applicable for both Bachelor of Science (Honours) Cyber Security and Forensic Computing (Top-up) and Bachelor of Science (Honours) Software Engineering (Top-up).
Our IT programmes are designed with approximately 50% practical and 50% theory lessons. Subject to change.
3 Applicable for Bachelor of Science (Honours) Cyber Security and Forensic Computing (Top-up) students.
4 Applicable for Bachelor of Science (Honours) Software Engineering (Top-up) students.