Both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals face the challenges of today’s job market as they search for the best job opportunities. Job seekers must possess a positive attitude, strategic thinking, stamina and perseverance in order to succeed in their job search. After all, they must face today’s realities, including stiff competition, financial constraints, lack of employer feedback, and more.

However, with the proper mindset and approach, job seekers can overcome these challenges and gain their desired employment. Find out how these 12 techniques can increase your chances of success in your job search.

1) Set realistic goals and manage your time well

Break down your long-term plans into smaller, achievable goals. Set aside predetermined hours every day specifically for your job search.

2) Identify and manage stress

What causes you stress? Steer clear of people, thoughts and circumstances that bring negative energy.

3) Develop new skills and knowledge

Use your free time not only for job searching activities, but also to learn new skills or acquire new knowledge. Take online courses, attend training seminars or enrol in post-graduate programmes.

4) Take breaks and reward yourself

Take regular breaks from your job search to refresh your mind, restore your energy and renew your creative thinking. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music or get a massage.

5) Nurture your health and wellness

Find time to exercise, get adequate sleep and eat healthy. Visit a doctor for regular medical check-ups.

6) Surround yourself with a support team

Seek the company and advice of family, friends and trusted mentors. You will need them during the toughest periods of your job search.

7) Apply ‘constructive daydreaming’

Daydreaming activates one’s creativity. It can generate strategic ideas, especially when you are engaging in light activities such as knitting, gardening or walking.

8) Use positive self-talk

Talk to yourself in second-person and phrase statements in the affirmative. Instead of saying, “I will not lose my composure”, tell yourself, “(Your name), you are going to impress the employer!”

9) Follow-up after the interview

It is crucial to let the employer know that you desire feedback after the job interview. Set a date and time to call them back.

10) Do not take rejection personally

Always tell yourself that rejections simply mean that you were not the right fit for the job vacancies at that particular time. This will give you the mental tenacity to keep moving forward with your plans.

11) Observe the 4Ps: Persistence, Patience, Positivity and Perspective

There are four traits that can help you survive the rigours of a job search.

A Positive attitude keeps you afloat when outcomes are not encouraging. Learning to be your own cheerleader can give you that much needed boost to make it through the day. Persistence keeps you in the ‘thick of the fight’. It helps you stick to your game plan despite the seemingly daunting odds, such as an intimidating interviewer or stiff competition. Never stop until the goal is in sight.

Patience allows you to pace yourself. Understand that finding the ideal job takes time. When you keep things in proper Perspective, you understand that some unfortunate events are only temporary setbacks and you do not let them obscure the bigger picture.

12) Be open to other career possibilities

A job at a start-up firm could bring you closer to your dream career rather than employment at a large multinational company. Alternatively, finding work in non-profit organisations or social services could provide you with pivotal experience which you can leverage in your future employment.

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