You may have kick-started your career with fervour, especially after gaining a foothold in your industry of interest. You were certain that you would be growing by leaps and bounds. However, you seem to be losing momentum.

In this situation, it is time to take a look at these 4 myths that could make the difference between soaring high and staying stagnant in your workplace:

1) I need to be multitasking to prove my value.

Everyone seems to be multitasking; hence, you may feel compelled to multitask as well — it seems to be a way for your manager to notice your contributions and importance to the company.

However, studies have shown that we are not built for multitasking. Our brains are only able to store five to nine things at once in our short-term memory. When you try to accomplish several tasks, which require focus, all at the same time, you are unlikely to retain the information you need to complete them properly. As a result, the quality of your work suffers.

If you desire to prove your value in the workplace, focus on finishing one task at a time. When you are focused, you will find that you become more efficient and do a better job.

2) People will see me as a team player if I accede to every request.

If you are known to a helpful colleague, you are likely to become the go-to person to ask for favours. However, saying “yes” to every request or even invitations to gatherings or other social activities may cost you your personal and professional success. This is because the more you accede to others, the more your time gets divided. Eventually, you may find yourself with less than enough time to accomplish what you have to, and your productivity decreases.

When you say “yes” to work you do not want to do, you are also saying “no” to what you want to accomplish in life. Before you commit to any request, it is important to consider if the request is truly important or simply frivolous.

3) Staying back after office hours will make me seem hardworking.

In a highly competitive workplace, some employees stay after office hours to show their managers that they are dedicated. On the flip side, doing overtime too often may give the impression that you are behind on work and have to stay late to catch up.

Our advice: Do not overdo it. It is better to end your workday on time and begin the next day with a fresh mind. Results are what matter, and a well-rested employee is a more productive one. Impress your manager with quality, not quantity.

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4) Everyone expects me to have all the answers.

Acknowledge that you cannot always have all the answers. To grow professionally, it is key to remain humble, ask questions, and know when it is time to seek help. This is a surefire way to learn new skills and different approaches to solving work-related issues.

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