Job security is important to many employees. In this competitive landscape, how can you secure your job?

The knowledge and unique skills of employees contribute significantly to how a company operates, its level of productivity, and success. With this in mind, here are some things you can do to become an indispensable employee at your workplace:

1) Keep Learning and Have a Specialisation

Keep yourself relevant in the job market by continuously learning new skills and upgrading yourself. Think of learning as adapting to change — those who cannot adapt will not thrive and may even fall behind in the competitive job market.

Additionally, you become an asset to the company when you are the go-to person for important tasks; hence, having a specialisation could be beneficial to your career. By developing your reputation as an expert in a specific field, your colleagues and managers know that without you, certain tasks at the office would be harder to accomplish.

Consider enrolling in an academic programme or professional certification course, which will help you keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

2) Know Yourself

How does knowing yourself play an important role in becoming an indispensable employee? When you understand your strengths and weaknesses, the type of work that interests you, and what you want in your career, it is easier to map out your career path, and identify and address your skills gap.

When you enjoy your job, you become more productive at work and connected to your colleagues. Building positive relationships in the office can, in turn, help you to secure your place in the team.

3) Take the Initiative

It is not enough to deliver the bare minimum. In order to be noticed at work and secure your job, especially during a recession or economic downturn, you have to take the initiative to contribute beyond your job description.

For example, ask to take part in a high-profile project where you think you can tap into your expertise, or volunteer to be the host or a speaker at a company event.

4) Make Your Manager’s Priorities Your Priorities

Make yourself indispensable by completing tasks that are in line with your manager’s or team’s goals. If you are able to accomplish important tasks that make their work easier, you become a valuable contributor and can expect to receive recognition in your next performance evaluation.

In Closing

By going the extra mile at work, you not only work towards securing your current position at work but also push yourself to grow as a person and thrive in the competitive job market.

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