Career management has undergone a revolution the past decade. If you wish to attain your highest career goals, a paradigm shift is the necessary first step. Visualise yourself as an on-the-go professional who is always working towards beefing up your portfolio, credentials and value. Managing your career now depends on you, and not on your boss or the company you are working for.

This mentality will help you to recognise the need to be flexible given different situations that may arise. Your sense of self-awareness can make you more resolute in applying these 10 techniques that will help you manage your career with desirable outcomes.

1) Set Clear Goals

Identify what you really want to make of yourself and your career. Where do you see yourself a year, three years, or five years from now? Which of your past jobs were you passionate about, and in what function or role did you excel in? Do your own research to pursue that final vision you have of yourself and you will be on the right track.

2) Be Open to Feedback

Continuous self-improvement is necessary in order to attain your career goals. Feedback from friends, family and colleagues can point you in the right direction. Select a few who are familiar with your job and industry, know your character, and have your best interests at heart. Accept both positive and negative feedback. This honest assessment of yourself in the present will equip you with the readiness and knowledge on how to build your future.

3) Quantify Your Accomplishments

Express your accomplishments in numbers where possible. How many times did you achieve sales above your quota? How many customers did you acquire the past year? These figures will help you to measure your capabilities and set a baseline for your future efforts.

4) Curate Your Achievements

Create a portfolio to complement your resume. This is a value-added documentation of your achievements which you can show to your next prospective employer. Some examples include websites you have designed, articles you have written and a record of marketing campaigns that you have launched.

5) Develop a Personal Brand

Create a positive and lasting impression on the people you encounter. Always show that you have the qualities of the consummate professional they are looking for.

6) Engage With Your Industry

Join industry events, conferences and learning sessions. Add value by sharing helpful information and insights. Network with potential partners and employers, and stay connected with them through social media.

7) Find a Mentor and Be a Mentor

As you network, look for a mentor who can help you to develop your potential while expanding your knowledge about the industry. Be available to mentor others as well. Sharing your wisdom will help you to nurture future allies and spread the word about your brand of leadership.

8) Toot Your Horn (When You Need To)

Let your employer and other influential people know about your contribution to a successful project. Own the credit you have earned, but pass on this knowledge in a dignified way that will earn the respect of your colleagues, instead of attracting their envy. One way is to document minutes of meetings, project plans and reports.

9) Diversify Your Assets

Take time to learn new skills aside from your present competencies. You could turn a hobby into a part-time career, take up new courses or volunteer at a non-profit organisation or charity. The more abilities, experience and knowledge you have, the more career options you can choose from. If, for instance, information technology (IT) is your main skill but you are also fluent in a foreign language and genuinely enjoy helping people, you could offer language classes online as a secondary source of income.

10) Be Your Own Company

Your main business is yourself. Persist in doing excellent work and never stop learning. Tap on opportunities and be resourceful to provide what the market needs. Always leave a good record with companies and clients, and they will remember you and seek your services.

Mastering the above 10 techniques will take time, effort and your utmost dedication. You are establishing the entity that can make you employable for life: yourself. The rewards that you reap eventually will be for you, and this is what makes career management worth it in the long run.

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