Let us say that you have just been hired at a company. You are excited to arrive at your new workplace but at the same time anxious that you might make a blunder during your first few weeks at work. You are not alone.

Here are six rules of etiquette to bear in mind as you make your first steps into the working world:

1) Always attend employee orientation or learn about procedures in the office

Most companies arrange an employee orientation to introduce fresh hires to how things are done. If there is no formal orientation, listen carefully to your supervisor as they explain the procedures at the office. It could be as simple as how to answer the phone properly or make inquiries through the company’s hierarchy.

Take note of the office dress code. While some companies prefer that you wear standard business attire (coat and tie for men, and blouse with blazer and below-the-knee skirt for women), others allow casual chic fashion.

2) Observe punctuality

Make sure that you always arrive at your workplace with enough time to freshen up and grab a cup of coffee. Tardiness will not give your employer a good impression of you. This is especially true if you arrive panting for breath, sweaty, and frazzled after your commute.

3) Give your gadgets a rest

Unless it is part of the job, it is strongly advised that you avoid unnecessary use of your smartphone during work hours. Do not make the mistake of using your computer for matters outside of work; in fact, many security servers of companies actually log the sites you visit.

4) Do not gossip

Workplace gossip is commonplace but you must not make the mistake of spreading them. Gossip undermines trust in the workplace and may lead to unnecessary squabbles. In addition, spreading gossip could give your co-workers the impression that you are someone who cannot be trusted with confidential information.

5) Keep personal problems at home

Leave your personal problems behind so that you can focus and give your all at work. Your bad mood could affect your co-workers and impact overall productivity in the workplace.

6) Get along with your supervisors and co-workers

On your first day, be polite and greet your supervisors and co-workers. In the succeeding days, be proactive in offering support and making suggestions at work.

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