Kaplan Higher Education

The knowledge gained through the Kaplan Diploma programme forms the foundation of your tertiary education and helps you obtain the relevant knowledge to advance towards your education and career goals.

Kaplan has a wide range of full-time or part-time Diplomas, across several disciplines, providing entry to over 300 Degree programmes3 offered by our renowned partner universities. With the possible completion of 8 modules in 8 months1, the Diploma programmes are structured to equip you with industry-relevant knowledge in your field of study.

In addition, Kaplan offers a comprehensive set of initiatives to increase the employability of our students, aside from their academic learning to provide them with the necessary skill sets and confidence through coaching sessions, internships, workshops and more, to help them secure a job in the competitive job market.

Study in a conducive campus located in the heart of the city near 6 MRT stations and in classrooms equipped with state of the art technology to enhance your learning experience.

Be open to a Diploma at Kaplan, and see where it takes you.

1The full-time Diploma programme duration is 11 months with possible completion in 8 months. Subject to programme and meeting entry requirements.
2With our university partners and other higher education institutions from Australia, Ireland and the UK (relevant disciplines and/or subject to university’s requirements).
3Refers to Degree programmes at Kaplan in Singapore.
4Based on total survey respondents of the Kaplan Graduate Employment Survey 2020/21: 1,766 full-time and part-time graduates.
5Subject to bank’s approval.

Programmes Offered

Accounting, Banking & Finance

Diploma in Accountancy
Diploma in Business Management (Finance and Banking)

Business & Management

Advanced Diploma in Management
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Business Management (General Studies)
Diploma in Business Management (General Studies) (E-Learning)
Diploma in Business Management (Human Resource)
Diploma in Business Management (Logistics and Supply Chain)

Communication & Media

Diploma in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Mass Communication

Foundation Diploma

Foundation Diploma
Foundation Diploma (E-Learning)
Foundation Diploma in Computing and IT
Foundation Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science

Health Services

Diploma in Health Services Management
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Diploma in Business Management (Hospitality and Tourism)

Information Technology

Diploma in Computer Forensics
Diploma in Information Technology


Diploma in Professional Business English


Diploma in Legal Studies

Social Sciences

Diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Psychology