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This study mode is made available due to COVID-19. Once the situation improves, arrangements will be made to reinstate classroom delivery in full.

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A Graduate Certificate is a higher education qualification  equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree with  niche areas of study, taking less time to complete – normally between one third or two thirds of an academic year. Graduate Certificate programmes are offered at the Kaplan School of Postgraduate Studies in partnership with renowned universities.

The Kaplan School of Postgraduate Studies was established to serve the growing demand for Postgraduate programmes in Singapore and the region. With an improved education demographic, more individuals recognise the need to upskill for more effective management and leadership in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The programmes are delivered by 100% fly-in faculty or local lecturers, a combination of both, or via online to ensure learners receive the most out of today’s most relevant. Assessment methods also range from research-based assignments and projects to examinations, to serve the best needs of every student.

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